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What Factors Should You Consider In Choosing A Wood Pizza Oven?

Pizza ovens were exclusive to restaurants in the past. However, manufacturers now have oven models available that make it possible to have your own pizzeria at home. If you are thinking of buying your own wood pizza oven, here are a few factors to consider in deciding which one is right for your home.


Your choices for a pizza oven boil down to a clay or stainless steel wood fired oven. Both have similarities, but when it comes to convenience, there are small differences. One of the differences is in how soon you can use the oven.

A clay wood fired pizza oven could potentially take days or weeks for it to be ready to us. The oven must be cured before it can be used. If it is not properly cured, the structure of the oven could be damaged. To cure the oven, you need to burn several fires in it at certain temperatures for several days.

Although curing the oven sounds like a drawn out task, it gives you the flexibility to have the clay oven of your size and style. The structure of the oven is not pre-determined, which means you can fit it anywhere on your property that is convenient for you.

While a clay wood pizza oven can take days or weeks to properly prepare it for cooking, a stainless steel oven can be ready to use in minutes after it is setup. There is no curing required.

Additional Features

Regardless of the type of wood oven selected, you must decide on whether additional features are needed to enhance your pizza making experience. There are various features available, including a temperature gauge.

An internal temperature gauge helps to take the guess work out of determining whether more wood pellets are needed to increase the heat in the pizza oven. Many ovens have it built in, but some will require the use of a free standing gauge.

Another possible feature to consider is a door. Doors are not considered standard for the ovens, but they are a necessity. The door helps with heat retention, which is important when you are cooking more than pizza in your oven. For instance, heat retention is very important when it comes to cooking hard bread in the oven.

In choosing your pizza oven, there are other factors that you should consider. Consult with a pizza oven dealer to learn more about your options.