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Six Important Tips To Keep In Mind When You're Cleaning A Commercial Conveyor Oven

A conveyor oven is an important piece of equipment for a commercial kitchen facility. Keeping it properly maintained is important to ensuring kitchen productivity and minimizing equipment costs.

There are some maintenance tasks that you need to keep up on in order to ensure that your commercial conveyor oven avoids downtime due to malfunctions. The following are six important tips to keep in mind when you're cleaning and maintaining your commercial conveyor oven:

Frequently cleaning the inside with a wet cloth

One of the most important tasks—and one of the things that needs to be done most often—is cleaning out the interior using a moistened cloth. This will help to remove any crumbs and grease before they can get baked on to oven surfaces to the point that they are very difficult to remove.

While it's important to moisten the cloth you use, you shouldn't use any caustic cleaners on the oven's interior surface when wiping it down. This could lead to damage over time. 

Keeping buildup from accumulating on the conveyor

It's important to keep crumb buildup off the conveyor because in many commercial kitchen operations food is placed directly on the conveyor. Regularly brushing off crumbs may be enough maintenance on a daily basis. However, once in a while the actual conveyor belt should be removed for a more thorough cleaning. 

Wiping down the cooling fan grill

This task should be carried out fairly often. Debris can build up in the cooling fan grill quite quickly. Fortunately, it's easy to simply clear off any debris that has accumulated in a day of use with a nylon brush. 

Blowing out debris from the fan motor

Every few months, it's a good idea to blow debris out of the fan motor. This can be done using compressed air. Not only should you take time to blow out the motor, but also any vents that are located around it. 

Making sure that electrical pieces are screwed in tight

Electrical controls along the oven terminal will come loose over time. If they fall out, they may become lost. This will detract from the productivity and functionality of a conveyor oven. Every few months, electrical control pieces should be tightened to make sure that they stay on properly over time. 

Making sure that air is circulating properly

Don't underestimate the importance of ventilation components when it comes to operating a conveyor oven. Air needs to properly circulate around the unit to reduce wear and tear and maximize the efficiency of the oven.

Inspecting ventilation components every few months and clearing any debris out of vents is an important cleaning and maintenance task to keep up on. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Louis Wohl & Sons Inc.