Don't Let It Go Bad: 3 Ways To Keep Your Bread Bakery-Fresh

There's nothing better than the taste of freshly baked bread, especially when it comes directly from the bakery. Unfortunately, bread begins to go stale almost as soon as it leaves the oven. That means you either need to eat your freshly baked bread as soon as you purchase it, or you need to figure out ways to keep it fresh longer. Since you probably don't want to eat all your bread as soon as you purchase it, here are a few simple steps that will help you keep your bread fresh longer:

10 Things Every Mexican Restaurant Kitchen Should Have

Mexican restaurants come with their own unique ambiance. But if you look at the menu, you'll see a lot of the same traditional dishes. Whether you're opening a new Mexican establishment or you simply want to add some Mexican flair to your existing menu, here are ten things your restaurant kitchen should have.  Deep Fryers Having a fryer for taco shells, tortilla chips, salad bowls, chimichangas, and all those other Mexican favorites is a must.